Merry Christmas – Norad Tracking Santa

I am online briefly checking email and thought I would tell everyone Merry Christmas. The kids are now fast asleep dreaming about Santa’s arrival. My wife and I have finished wrapping some final presents along with what now appears to be our traditional viewing of one of the many adaptations of Scrooge, aired on TV.


Earlier tonight, my brother-in-law assisted my daughter in finding the current location of Santa by using the on-line Santa tracker service provided by the folks at Norad. Many thanks should go to the people at Norad that make the Santa Tracking resource available. Going to the Norad site has also become an important annual tradition for my children and for my other nieces and nephews as well. It was enjoyable to watch my children’s excitement as they intently viewed the new reports on Santa’s whereabouts on the computer. They also went to bed quickly once the report stated he had reached the east coast of the United States. Hmmm, I wonder if Santa can arrive at the east coast of the United States earlier next year?


Once again, Merry Christmas everyone and Have a Great New Year!

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