‘Twas the Week after Christmas… – More Quicksilver Ultralight Video

This is the first week after the Christmas Holiday and it appears that my wife, kids and I made it through with minimal issues. No battles ensued at our home other than the normal skirmishes between my two children. I went through the normal day after Christmas assembly of various toys that came in way to many pieces. For the record, the directions for assembly that come with some of these toys are useless and should be considered a cruel joke to the parents or the other lucky ones assigned the task of putting the toys together.


Now on to New Years Eve  and figuring out what my New Years Eve resolution will be. 

More ultralight videos are available for the Quicksilver Ultralight fans out there. Take a look if you get a chance. In addition, it looks like the floatplane is now listed for sale as well. It must be a blast to fly and then be able to land on water or paved runway. I wonder if people actually go fishing from these.

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