Sport Pilot – Quicksilver Ultralight Sport Aircraft with Floats Video

I am one-step closer to getting my sport pilot license to be ready for flying in the spring. Written test is passed and out of the way, next step is the practical.


If you are interested in flying but do not want all the cost of a private pilots license, then the sport pilot license is for you. Check out the EAA (the Experimental Aircraft Association) web site at for information regarding the sport pilot’s license. They have a nice easy to understand overview as to what the sport pilot’s license is, what it takes to get the sport pilots license, and what aircraft you will be able to fly once you get the sport pilots license.


Here are some direct links to their sport pilot information: – Information about the license with various links – List of common aircraft that a person holding the sport pilot rating will be allowed to fly.


More updates to come as I proceed.


On another note, keep your eyes peeled to the website, and the videos link. In the next week or so there will be some new videos available of the Quicksilver Sport 2 seater with floats landing and taking off on the snow. Pretty incredible! A Quicksilver Ultralight sport plane outfitted with floats will allow sport pilots the ability to fly all year around and not be limited to a runway. It also give us all another use for frozen corn fields in Iowa during the winter J

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