How The Time Flies

I am currently taking a break from doing some projects outside and decided to check email. A friend of mine noted that I have not posted to my blog in a while. I cannot believe it has been 2 months since my last posting. A lot has happened in 2 months.


I think the most interesting event that has happened in the past 2 months was a visit from the local sheriff’s office to let me know that my LP tank was leaking. This is after my wife came home and stated that she had been stopped by a neighbor asking if she noticed the smell of a leaking LP tank. I told my wife it smelled more like a skunk that was in the neighborhood and then told her that it was probably nothing.


This led to one visit from the sheriff’s office, one visit from the company who takes care of our LP tank and two to three calls from the neighbors. Once the LP technician arrived, the problem was taken care of.


What was the cause of the leak? A bleeder valve had worked loose allowing the gas to escape. By the way, as noted above, the odorant that is added to the LP gas has a very nasty smell. It smells like a skunk or rotten eggs and the smell lingers for a very long time.


On another note, my wife never did state the words, “I told you so” but I know she wanted to.


Other things that I have been doing are family reunions and doing some more flying of Quicksilver Ultralights at Ultralight Aircraft of Iowa.


Upcoming things will be to break the bikes back out and wipe the dust off the geocaching stuff.

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