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Trying it Again

I thought That I would post something to my blog since it has gone another year without a post. It seems like blogs and websites are being replaced with Twitter, Facebook, and other avenues of sharing information.  I had someone … Continue reading

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Moved to WordPress

I just made the move to WordPress from Microsoft Live Spaces. I will be working on layout and customization of the site in the near future. Please check back as things progress.

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Pictures of the fire at Breadeaux Pizza this weekend

Some pictures from the fire at Breadeaux Pizza this weekend in Manchester Iowa. More pictures on my Skydrive Storage.

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My Boat Made The News Today

Well, my boat made the news today, take a look at this news link: Scroll down and see the picture, see the red boat, well that was mine. — KGAN coverage – the red boat being moved is … Continue reading

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Let’s Turn Around and Help Someone, OOPS! Missed The Turn By That Much…

Well, what can I say? I was driving with the family today on the way to a family Christmas party. We saw someone that needed help, I went to turn around and misjudged where the road ended and the ditch … Continue reading

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Moment of Silence for the End of the Red Green Show

It is sad news to hear that that Red Green show is ending. This show was a wonderful family show produced in Canada and aired in Iowa through Iowa Public Television. I hope that the re-runs will continue to air on … Continue reading

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Another Winter Storm in Iowa = Cars in the Ditch

Another winter storm has rolled through Eastern Iowa last night and today. I have included some pictures of seven vehicles that were in the ditch that I passed on the way to work. A few of the vehicles were fresh … Continue reading

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I can still post!

I thought I would make a quick post and say that it has been a great summer, busy but a lot of fun. I thought I had better post something to see if the blog is still working

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How The Time Flies

I am currently taking a break from doing some projects outside and decided to check email. A friend of mine noted that I have not posted to my blog in a while. I cannot believe it has been 2 months … Continue reading

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Odyssey Minivan Update, Quicksilver Ultralights

Honda came through with my Honda Odyssey ignition switch issue. They ended up, under warranty, replacing the ignition switch as well as all the locks on the van. I ended up with 2 new keys and a working ignition switch. … Continue reading

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