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‘Twas the Week after Christmas… – More Quicksilver Ultralight Video

This is the first week after the Christmas Holiday and it appears that my wife, kids and I made it through with minimal issues. No battles ensued at our home other than the normal skirmishes between my two children. I … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas – Norad Tracking Santa

I am online briefly checking email and thought I would tell everyone Merry Christmas. The kids are now fast asleep dreaming about Santa’s arrival. My wife and I have finished wrapping some final presents along with what now appears to … Continue reading

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One Monitor DOA – Upgrade Is On Hold

I purchased a slightly used 17” monitor and had it shipped to me via Fed Ex.   Yesterday I received the monitor. The box was a little worse for wear but I assumed that the box had been used for other … Continue reading

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All Down Hill from Here

Ahhh finally, the official arrival of winter making the turn from less sunlight, shorter days to the gradual move to more sunlight, longer days. I am now dreaming of spring,  warm weather, breaking out the bikes and the GPS to … Continue reading

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The World of Dial Up

Saturday night I had the opportunity to experience accessing the Internet via dial up again. It has been about 6 months since the last time I had to use dial up as a replacement to broadband and I am very … Continue reading

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More Ultralight Video Available

More videos are available on the Ultralight Aircraft of Iowa web site. If you are interested in flying, one video is about 7 minutes long and has some video taken from a two seater ultralight in flight. There are other smaller segment videos … Continue reading

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The Van and Video Conferencing

I have no new news on the van yet. I will be checking in with the dealer on Friday to see if they have found a solution to my ignition problem.   Tonight I have been working on getting a … Continue reading

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Honda Odyssey Ignition Switch Switch In the Near Future

My family and I are proud owners of a Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey is a great van. The van drives and runs good and has a lot of room. This is the first vehicle that I have ever owned, used … Continue reading

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Upcoming Geminid Meteor Shower – Update

Looks like the sky will be clear here tonight for the the Geminid meteor shower. It will be a bit cool though with lows in to the single digits. Kids will not last long outside, but we will try it. … Continue reading

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Upcoming Geminid Meteor Shower

It looks like Monday December 13, 2004 will be a great night to watch the Geminid meteor shower. Check out Space.Com for more information.  They are recommending viewing times after 10 PM on Monday night with 2 AM being the best … Continue reading

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