Moment of Silence for the End of the Red Green Show

It is sad news to hear that that Red Green show is ending. This show was a wonderful family show produced in Canada and aired in Iowa through Iowa Public Television. I hope that the re-runs will continue to air on Iowa Public TV.


Here are some links.


Red Green Show web site

Red Green Show – Note about the end


Good luck to all the cast, crew and others that made the Red Green show possible.


Be thinking about reunion shows in the future!

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1 Response to Moment of Silence for the End of the Red Green Show

  1. Jeremy says:

    Oh man, now what am I going to do with the six cases of duct tape in my garage?   Wait, I know — how about a 21 roll salute to the show?   On a side note, a Canadian friend turned me on to another of Rick Green\’s shows called "History Bites".  It\’s as funny as Red Green and has several of the same actors (it\’s really strange to see "Bill" or "Dalton Humphrey" as various historical figures).  An example of an episode: "The Politics of Puffy Pants" spins the French Revolution as a Seinfeld episode.  Check it out at

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