Re-fueling in Ida Grove

7:10 pm – We landed in Ida Grove. Stopped at the house at the airport and asked for the airport manager to see if we could get a ride into Ida Grove. The person who came to the door stated he was not the manager, however he lived there. He then asked us if we wanted a ride in to town, we said sure! He went in his house brought out keys to his nice extended cab 2005 GMC truck and told us to take it in to town! I could not believe it!

I love living in Iowa!

UPDATE – 10:48 pm

Heading to bed, a lot of flying to do tomorrow!!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Looks like a good week for flying!  Hope all goes well.  The rest of us are here at work pounding the grindstone (working hard).  Have fun!Marilyn

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