Another night in Ida Grove

July 24 7:00 pm – another night in Ida Grove. Bouncy and very windy gusting to 30 mph. We stayed in the hotel across from the airport. We asked the woman at the hotel to see if she knew of a way for us to get into a hangar at the airport since it was supposed to rain. She got us a hangar!

We hangered the plane in a hangar that looked like a castle. The president of the company that owned the hangar shows up and and lets us in. The hanger was incredible! It was air conditioned, finished like a house and had a full map on the floor of the route of the mutiny of the Bounty. Picture attached. More updates to come.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Your right!  It does look like a castle/mansion.  Did the owner build it or was it some other building and he converted it?

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