New Online Store for Ultralight Aircraft of Iowa

I have been flying Ultralights and Light Sport aircraft out of Manchester Iowa for the three years now, thanks to the help and the support from Jim and Ann at Ultralight Aircraft of Iowa.

Recently, I have been helping them set up a new online store, where they will be selling many of the parts for the Quicksilver Ultralight and Light Sport series of aircraft. They will also be selling other Sport Pilot and Ultralight related items like GPS’s, radio gear, etc, so if you are interested in flying, check this store out if you get a chance.

The other great service they provide is Sport Pilot flight instruction. This is the location where I received my flight training and then took my flight exam for my Sport Pilot license.  Getting in to aviation in the Sport pilot classification makes aviation very affordable to the weekend flyer. If you are interested in flying, check out the Sport Pilot classification – no matter where you live in the United States.  Click here to read a previous posting that I made about my experience going after my Sport Pilots license.

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