Annual Asbury Garage Sales

Today marks the annual trip to Asbury Iowa for their city wide garage sales My wife and mother-in-law have made this an annual event which then, by default, includes the attendance of my father-in-law as well as the kids and I. Depending on the weather, the kids and I will either ride bikes, walk or we end up being the official chauffeur 🙂

Today, we are playing the part of the chauffeur. It actually is not that bad. You get the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people plus spend some good time with the family. It is interesting and somewhat amazing the things that people try to sell and what people really buy. What is the saying? One persons junk is another persons treasure.

Well, good luck to all the rest of you that enjoy garage sales 🙂

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  1. Unknown says:

    Sounds like the event was exciting being the chauffeur for all the stuff that you have to have. It is all based on the price of the items. Sure was too bad that I was unable to make the event this year. Oh well, I am sure that you all had a wonderful event..

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