Today was the beginning of the Polycom Users Group ( conference held in Anaheim California.

I flew in the morning and am attending a session discussing the new HD standards based video conferencing solutions offered by various video conferencing vendors based on H.264.

The technology looks very promising but still expensive when comparing pricing against SD standards based video conferencing. Of course, the other site/s you want to connect to in HD have to have that technology as well.

The presenter is also talking about how various vendors are stating that their video conferencing products are HD, however they are not. So, if you are looking at an HD standards based video conferencing system/s, make sure you do your homework.

Oh, one more note. Minimal bandwidth suggested for HD video conferencing is 768 Kbps. For the demo today, they called at 2 Mbps. We do our video conferencing at the University of Northern Iowa in SD at 384 Kbps and in some cases, SD at 768 Kbps. I will have to admit, the HD quality video conferencing is impressive.

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