I am back

This is now my third weblog space in a little over 2 years. Why you ask?  The first server I called home was turned off due to the owners not wanting to continue to support the service.  My second death was due to not posting anything in my blog account. This time of year has been busier than normal so I did not have the chance to set up, configure and post anything. Due to my sluggishness, my account was taken out by that sys admin who I now have nick named, “BLOG COP”  Incidentally, the one I refer to as “BLOG COP” was the one who introduced me to the world of blogging a few years back. Take some time and take a look at his blog.


So, here I am on server three giving it another shot.

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  1. Seth says:

    I prefer the term "Blog Nazi", as it implies more efficiency than merely Blog Cop. Considering your account was created in August, and still hadn\’t been used, the odds of it being used were pretty low. 🙂

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