The Flying Craze

I love to fly. The only dreadful factor about flying for fun is that it is an expensive hobby. To make up for not flying, I acquire every flight simulator that Microsoft releases. The recent one is, “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, A Century of Flight.” If you like to fly, have a computer and do not have this flight simulator, you need to go out and buy it now.


About a year and half ago I was driving in town and decided to drive out to our local airport. Hey, what can I say, it was one of those days I was looking for something relaxing to do.  Our airport is a small single runway non-controlled airport. I thought maybe I would see someone out working on a plane or maybe I would catch someone doing touch and goes. When I arrived, I noticed a sign across the road from the airport that said, “Quicksilver Ultralights.” I thought to myself, ultralights, why not. I had taken a ride in a two seater about 7 years earlier and liked it. Therefore, I stopped in.


The place ended up being a business that sells Quicksilver Ultralights. Essentially the ultralights are manufactured in California and then are sold by re-sellers as kits. The re-sellers either sell the kits unassembled or sell them assembled for an additional charge. This location also does ultralight flight instruction and is the Iowa statewide dealer for the Quicksilver brand.


Well, now I am stopping in their regularly to catch a glimpse of some of the planes they are working on. I have gone on several ultralight rides with the owner shooting video and even flying the ultralight from time to time.


If you get a chance, look at the site for Ultralight Aircraft of Iowa. There are some videos up there as well showing a Sprint II 2 seater taking off and landing.


During my recent stop, they had just finished assembling a two-seater ultralight with floats! The owner had called me to see if I wanted to see the maiden flight. Take a look at some of the video of that maiden flight.


So now I find myself wondering when and if I will ever buy one. The price for a used single seater is not bad. I guess I will see what the future brings.

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