The Final Days Before Christmas

I do not know about you, but my wife and I are down to the last few items on the old Christmas list. We have spent time today on EBay watching for the final things we are seeking. I am still amazed at the people that bid up items higher than if they were to go and buy them directly from the store. I think for some, EBay is most likely an addiction similar to being addicted to gambling. Just for fun, I did Google for the words EBay and addiction. There were some interesting search results…


Overall, I have been happy with my online purchases this year and so far, saved some money with everything being delivered on time. I have not hit the point where online purchases have exceeded in-store purchases but I give that a few more years.  More frequently I find myself going to the store, looking at the product and then going home and buying it cheaper online as I am sure many of you do. Moreover, there are still those purchases that I need to make in which I cannot wait for them to be delivered or the shipping charges exceed the cost of purchasing the item locally.


The next tedious task is the wrapping process. My wife mainly handles this process; however, I have been told that I am going to be a better participant this year. I always state, that is fine as long as I get to use duct tape . I do have to make Red Green proud.


Back to editing a video and getting some things ready for work tomorrow.

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