One Monitor DOA – Upgrade Is On Hold

I purchased a slightly used 17” monitor and had it shipped to me via Fed Ex.


Yesterday I received the monitor. The box was a little worse for wear but I assumed that the box had been used for other shipping trips. I cut the shipping box open and lifted the monitor out. Great, I thought, now I can upgrade my dual monitor setup on my computer replacing my second smaller 15” monitor with this 17” monitor. I use the second 15” monitor mainly to display all the gauges when I play the Microsoft Flight Simulator game for flying IFR.


As I lifted the monitor out of the box, I could hear rattling. I thought, "This is odd." Turning the monitor over to attach the swivel base, I found the bottom of the monitor was busted. I found the internal board of the monitor was cracked making the monitor unusable. I have some images below. 


I have shipped many things via Fed Ex; in fact, it is my shipping company of choice. This is the first time I have experienced a damaged shipment using their service. I am now filling out the damage claim and will see how they handle the issue.

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