All Down Hill from Here

Ahhh finally, the official arrival of winter making the turn from less sunlight, shorter days to the gradual move to more sunlight, longer days. I am now dreaming of spring,  warm weather, breaking out the bikes and the GPS to go geocaching with the family. BTW, Iowa is a great place to live. I enjoy the change in seasons and can even handle the cold and snow however; the lack of sunlight is what I do not like.


Back to biking and geocaching. If you have a GPS, (I use the Magellan Meridian Color) or want one and have not tried to go geocaching, it is something all GPS owners must do. Go to the official geocaching web site to find out about geocaching or try a search for a geocache near you. I like to find the ones near a bike trail. This allows you to combine biking with the family along with hiding/finding geocaches.  For example, there are some good caches hidden along one of the bike trails in George Wyth State Park that I ride. Take a look at the geocaching site and see if it is something you may be interested in.


For those who are celebrating the holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Brandon says:

    It is always nice to run across fellow geocachers. I am a member of "Team_No_GPS" from the High Desert in California. It is cool to just know many other people are geocaching. you can be walking through the store and here people talking about it, and you just stop and say, "Geocaching, I know geocaching," and meet new people. Keep up the blog.

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