Another Winter Storm in Iowa = Cars in the Ditch

Another winter storm has rolled through Eastern Iowa last night and today. I have included some pictures of seven vehicles that were in the ditch that I passed on the way to work. A few of the vehicles were fresh as there were still drivers trying to get them out and some that looked like they were there from last night. I normally stop and help, but everyone I passed were already being assisted or the vehicles were abandoned.


I also have attached some pictures of the driving conditions this morning.


It is definitely going to be a white Christmas this year. J

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2 Responses to Another Winter Storm in Iowa = Cars in the Ditch

  1. Unknown says:

    You are nuts for taking pictures while driving…

  2. Rick says:

    🙂 Actually, there was little to no traffic so I slowed to 5 MPH or less to take the pictures.

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